Mini Shia


Unlock a world of rewards and influence with our innovative $MINISHIA staking platform. Now is your chance to stake your claim and reap the benefits.
Stake your $MINISHIA tokens today and open the door to exciting possibilities. Our staking system not only ensures substantial rewards but also grants you invaluable voting power within the project's trajectory.
By staking your $MINISHIA before launch-day, you secure a special reward multiplier that's bound to elevate your crypto journey. Watch your $MINISHIA holdings grow while indulging in the thrill of exclusive in-game treasures and community collectibles in the form of NFTs.
Also, your influence within the project expands as you stake more $MINISHIA. As you increase your staked amount, so does your voting power. Shape the future direction of the project by actively participating in key decisions, steering it towards heights you've always envisioned. Stake $MINISHIA now and get rewards, exclusivity, and a say in the project's evolution.

How Does Mini Shia Staking Works?

At Mini Shia we have a 0% deposit fee, so you can stake your assets without worrying about additional costs. You can also experience an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 5475%, coupled with a daily earning rate of 15%. Your earnings will grow rapidly as you benefit from compounding returns. Rest assured, your funds remain secure and easily accessible through our user-friendly interface.

Referral Program

Introducing our Referral Program: Amplify Your Earnings Together!
Our Referral Program is your chance to bring friends into the world of staking and unlock a realm of rewards.
Here's how it works: share your unique referral link with friends. As they step into the world of staking, you'll enjoy a substantial commission of up to 5% on all their staking activities.
But there's more – the potential for earnings multiplies as your referral network expands. Imagine the possibilities as your connections grow, and your rewards follow suit.
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